Saturday, November 21, 2015

It's been WAY too Long..

It's been months since an update, whoever that has been visiting this site... Well I'm sorry you had to see the same post over and over again, you guys rock though! Mwahmwah! 

Anyway I'm currently in the midst of getting my hair colored! Finallyyyyy! My grow out is massive and can't take the sight of it any longer, also an excuse to look extra prudy for my birthday tomorrow! Not sure how the tone will turn out this time, it's always a surprise with Jeffrey who is incredibly patient and passionate when it comes to his colouring. He told me my blonde hair condition is super duper good and I definitely thank Pureology by L'Oreal. If you're curious, I'm actually using the Strength Cure series which includes the shampoo, conditioner, treatment and serum! A wee bit costly but totally worth it, your hair is your crown girl so protect and treat it... Worship it! 

I look like a friggin' rockstar! Just finish baking the bleach...  My ass is aching and someone offered me a massage (not really). 

First time blogging with my iPhone6s+ (yes, showing off cannot is it? Hehehe!). Blabbering away like nobodies business, pretty therapeutic. Tryna burn time and distract myself from this buttache.

Time to wash off the bleach! Catch ya later ;)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Rugged & Ready

Mel 22 Mel 26 Mel 33 Mel 34 Mel 27 Mel 38 
Mel 24 Mel 35 Mel 40
Mel 41

Photographed by Khairi Zawawi
MUA & Hair by Melissa Tan
Outfit details:
Missguided Adelphe Contrast Quilted Jacket
Miss Selfridge Black Bodysuit
TOPSHOP Moto Black Super Ripped Jeans

Febuary 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


So it's back to exciting fun-filled adventures with the boys! Yang and Jone are back for holidays and Kelvin is back FOR GOOD (finally another weekly hangout buddy hehe)! Feels as though my life jigsaw puzzle is being put together one-by-one and soon when everyone is back to stay it shall be complete. *feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside*

It's definitely tradition to reunite with drinks in our hands and also giving ourselves a great excuse to hit the club, especially for some of us who are already working. So, Zouk ZOUK ZOUK it was! It's been months since I stepped into a club so it was about time to get buzzed and just let go! 

Mun texted me that night asking to date me out for dinner and to both of our surprise, we both had Zouk plans! What a coincidence! Unfortunately our dinner date didn't materialize because I had work.

We ended up getting a ride there together anyway, sweet Yang fetched the both of us. :)

_SAM6940Don't be fooled by that cute face, you'll be surprised by how she can project her voice effortlessly without straining her vocal cords HAHAHA! I love you Mun Mun, date soon for sure :) _SAM6948
Chilled out in the car for a bit cause the others were late..
Looks like she couldn't keep her hands off my camera case cause held onto it in every picture, you blur cutie!!
In my Nike wedges that I got from Taipei last summer! For the first time I didn't wear heels to a club, what a refreshing change!
A big shoutout to Limkokwing Fashion Club for the cute Flight Crystal Tank ;)
Sexy yet comfy!
My Best cameraman :P
He is well-known for giving us surprises (Good ones of course)!
Kar Keat
My partner in crime! Thanks for organizing our little reunion :)
He enjoys picking fights with me but unfortunately always ends up losing.. HAHAHA! I don't know why do you even try :P
By the way girls, he is single and ever ready to mingle! ;)
So good have this guy back! Time to go on more adventures together hehe :)
Yi Ting
I had such a wild time with this girl on the dance floor, we totally owned all the go-go dancers! *flips hair*
Lick, Down, Suck
Caption this! (failed flaming lambo)
B1 & B2
My right and left pillar of strength 
Bromance is furrrrever!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Creativity in Motion by Limkokwing University 2015

The 'Creativity in Motion' fashion show by Limkokwing University happened on the 2nd of July @ Starhill Gallery. Such an extravagant event is held annually to allow their graduating students from the Faculty of Fashion and Lifestyle Creativity showcase their best work to the public, potential recruiters, family and friends.

The glamorous atmosphere was filled with many talented and beautiful people. We were definitely in it for a fabulous night of Fashion, Music and Art!

Lights, Camera, ACTION!
_SAM6568At first I was afraid, I was petrified
A powerful performance by Siti from the Faculty of Sound & Music!
The emcees for the night!

...and let the strutting begin!
_SAM6574 _SAM6580 _SAM6595
Baby don't baby don't baby don't lie
BOOM BOOM POW! He owned the floor for sure!
_SAM6606 _SAM6623
'Long Surviving Mentawaiaan Tribe' by Vinny Lee from Indonesia 
Love how she put together Elegance and Sexy into these pieces!  
_SAM6638 _SAM6650
'The Colonial Majestueus' by Sharmaine from Malaysia
What's behind those sinamay hats? Frigging mysteriously dope huh?
'The Combatants of Peak Eui Min Jok' by Jung Hye Lim from South Korea
Those Hangul detailing caught my eye! You see what I see?
_SAM6713 _SAM6736
'The Khalka Mongols' by Sanyazainy from Malaysia
F I E R C E!
'The 5 Elements of DANCHEONG' by Dayana Ramli from Malaysia
Inspired by the Korean traditional decorative coloring.
'Anicient Tribe of the Kasivo' by Aida Nazifa Wahab from Malaysia
She is STUNNING! Legs for days baby!
'Kyrgyz Ethnic' by Angelina from Kyrgyzstan
Love the gold detailing.
'Vanished Whaea' by Tania Vania from Indonesia
Princess Warrior
'The Snake Charmer' by Dharashini from Malaysia
The first design reminds me of what an Egyptian princess would wear when she sneaks out to meet her lover.
'MiaoMei' by Luo Tian Xuan from China
I see a mixture of Thai and Chinese culture. Those silver fingertips brings all the boys to the yard!
My personal favorite of the night! Elaborate and sensuous. 

In all honesty, if I was there without knowing all these beautiful designs were by the students of Limkokwing, I'd probably think they were all designed by renowned fashion designers. Every piece had its own unique recipe, very well-thought-out designs with meticulous details. By Limkokwing giving these aspiring fashion designers the chance to stage their work has immediately help them open up the passage to many great opportunities.

I feel immensely proud of everyone who was involved in this production as they've truly outdone themselves with leaving the audience in awe by putting such a fantastic show! *many many applause*

Unfortunately I didn't capture all of the collections so do check out their official website for more details and pictures! CLICK ME :)

A flawless performance by these 2 gorgeous gals! 

_SAM6874Sharon Kaur and I
It was so good to see this gorgeous woman again! ;)
Love what she's wearing? 'Tribal Kimono' designed by her!_SAM6876 1 _SAM6879 
Patience, your secret is safe with me ;) it was so nice meeting you!_SAM6883
Who is this cute Korean looking guy? ;) Steven Leonard, he is the Head of the Faculty of Fashion & Lifestyle Creativity!_SAM6884
My gorgeous neighbors during the fashion show ;)
Daler Yusof and Adeline Tsen, they're both local celebs! _SAM6885
Sharon and I along with more local stars! Nadia Brian and Ainul Aishah
Ryzal Jaafar, a local model/actor.
He reminds me of the Malaysian Johnny Depp! _SAM6888 
Meet Ella! According to my interviewer we look identical, what do you think? :P

A great big thanks to these two beautiful ladies for inviting me to this Fabulous event, the lovely gifts from Limkokwing Fashion Club and for being so hospitable! Wished I had spent more time chit chatting with you girls, let's make it happen the next round!

Moreblessing! Isn't that the dopest name EVER? 
 Girl you don't need makeup, you already look so good in your braids!_SAM6894
Adeline looking smokin' in her red lipstick! *mwah_SAM6900 
I'm wearing Limkokwing Fashion Club's Limited Edition Painted Sleeves Biker Jacket, which fits me to a T! 
The cutting really accentuates the body and is a fashion statement alone oozing out funkiness with its colors and blings!
Post fashion show, I walked over to Pavilion to meet up with my parents for supper! 
We restaurant hopped from Malones to Cafe de Paris!
Banana and Strawberry Nutella Crepe @ Cafe de Paris
The name itself could already seep through your veins and cause instant diabetes! I'm not a sweet tooth but at times my taste buds can crave for things it shouldn't. This was really yummy if you're a fan of Nutella :) Their pancakes here are good too by the way, don't ask me how I know that *does the Ian Somehalder smirk*
_SAM6918 _SAM6929
and well ending the night with a few necessary shots of my eye make up!